Krunchers are a virtual currency for use on Lunch Cruncher. You can earn them just by doing simple things (like adding restaurants) that help make Lunch Cruncher a better site. You can spend Krunchers in games to get special moves and weapons that give you an advantage over other players to make it more likely that you will love the winning restaurant.

You'll see the symbol for Krunchers all over the site, including on your home page where you have access to your current balance, available balance, and all the Krunchers you've ever earned on the site to date.

Your Krunchers balance is also displayed on the bottom-left corner of the page, and it updates regularly so that you can see your balance go up and down as you earn and spend Krunchers.

Some methods of earning Krunchers require that additional steps are completed before you get credit. For example, your balance goes up when you review a restaurant, but you cannot spend those Krunchers until after the restaurant review is published to the site by our editors -- in the meantime your available balance will stay the same. You won't have to do anything in the meantime, but as soon as the review is published your available balance will go up.

Here's how you earn Krunchers:

Action Earned Description
Create a Restaurant300Keep the Krunchers if you add a new restaurant to the Lunch Cruncher database and it isn't removed for 7 days.
Rate a Restaurant50Earn Krunchers if you rate a restaurant that won in a game you were playing. Only the last game you played of the day counts.
Review a Restaurant200Keep the Krunchers if you review a restaurant and the review is approved by our editors.
Play a Game25Earn some Krunchers every time you play a game from start to finish with at least one other player and at least 10 restaurants (max 5 games/day).
Create an Account200Get some Krunchers when you create your Lunch Cruncher account!
Create a Group100Earn Krunchers when you create a new group and one other person joins (but only for the first group you create).
15 Minutes on Lunch Cruncher100Earn 100 Krunchers just for spending 15 minutes on Lunch Kruncher. Only the first 15 minutes you're on the site per day counts.

Terribly sorry for the disclaimer, however: Krunchers have no cash value, and cannot be exchanged for goods or services except for the services outlined above. Krunchers can be given and taken away by Lunch Cruncher at our discretion, though we probably wouldn't randomly do so without a very good reason. The Kruncher amounts listed above are subject to change, and are accurate at the time that this page was loaded from our server.