What is this?
Lunch Cruncher was created to solve a common problem at work: Where should we eat lunch today? Of course, Lunch Cruncher is useful to any group of people that need a quick, easy, and fun way to find a place to eat. Lunch Cruncher helps you to find your ideal restaurant in two ways:

Our Restaurant Database

Lunch Cruncher is a collaborative site. Users like you can add restaurants, edit restaurants with up-to-date info, review restaurants, and add interesting data like prices and length of time to eat. Your help is important to build the Lunch Cruncher restaurant database and keep its information current.

Our goal is to build the largest and most accurate database of restaurants available on the web, and to make it easily searchable and keep it free to use.

Our Games

There are plenty of other sites where you can find restaurants and reviews. Lunch Cruncher is the first site to make multi-player games the deciding factor on where to eat.

Our best games aren't really games at all. They provide you with a logical (err, and fun) decision-making process. Their goal is to get a bunch of people to a restaurant that they all will enjoy.

Crossout narrows down a long list of restaurants to the one that no one doesn't want to go to (that double negative becomes clear the first time you play the game).

Consensus helps a group of players get through a large list of restaurants quickly. The first restaurant to which everyone wants to go is the winner of the game. Simple, yet never disappointing.

If you don't have an account, create a profile and start having fun.